About company "METALLURGMASH Engineering" LLC

The company "METALLURGMASH Engineering" LLC has started his activity in 2005 as a part of structural division of the International Union of metallurgical equipment producers "Metallurgmash".

The primary intent of "METALLURGMASH Engineering" is an optimal project management of construction (new, revamping, expansion of facilities) with the purpose:

  • maximal cost efficiency of investments;
  • decrease of possible technical, organizational and economic risks;
  • requirements implementation of environmental legislation and industrial security;
  • assurance of maximal competitive manufacturing;
  • maximal satisfaction of consumers (investors, contractors) taking into account public requirements.

Project management and appropriate engineering activity are implemented in all stages of projects – starting from basic data preparation at the precontract stage and ending with after start modernization.

Our company works by all variants of the organizational management – contracts, consortiums and works in behalf of the third parties.

Target markets for "METALLURGMASH Engineering" are ferrous metallurgy, nonferrous and special metallurgy, mining, heavy machine building, cement industry and also other emerging markets.

The distinctive features of our company are the following principles:

  • sale globalization of products, works and service unrestricted in geography;
  • regular monitoring and analysis of suppliers` offers of goods, works and service in areas of interest to our clients;
  • emphasis on maintenance of modern manufacturing automation;
  • emphasis on power efficiency by environmental restrictions;
  • attention to intellectual property;
  • taking into account national characteristic – in legislation, enforcement of low, practices of business intercourse, competitive position;
  • consideration in system unity of the marketing, technical, organizational, financial and personnel party of projects;
  • attention to contract and documentary maintenance of projects.

The competence and the offer of "METALLURGMASH Engineering" for the market unites results long-term engineering and marketing workings out of our company personnel in such areas, as metallurgy, machine building, an energy supply and automation, projects management and consulting, personnel training for the industry, and also the competences and the offers of our PARTNERS.

We retrieve and monitor the advanced scientific and technical workings out constantly (maintenance the principle BAT – Best Available Technology), we work with a large quantity of the design and building organizations, including several SRO, we cooperate with the academic, educational, consulting and state structures, trade unions and associations. It allows us to operate all complex of engineering works quickly and quality, including equipment procurement and construction organization, up to the ЕРС-contract.

We also give much attention to research and development, we make experiments in metallurgy, mathematical modeling and project designs for the purpose of achievement of the advanced engineering level.

Our activity is based on management of responsibility, fulfilment of contract and out of contract obligations to the customer, under control delegation of responsibility to our subcontractors, internal control system of work and service quality, entrycontrol system of raw data and target products (works, services) and constant risk-management.

We, certainly, confirm to the performance requirements, established for SRO members, we follow the principles of business ethics with respect to all participants and members of projects.

All members of our team have experience of industrial realization a lot of projects in technology, designign and automation system and also project management in range from marketing to building and training of personal.

Since 2012 "METALLURGMASH Engineering" LLC is member of the International Union of metallurgical equipment producers "Metallurgmash".

The branch office of "METALLURGMASH Engineering" LLC are working in Magnitogorsk.

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