Our projects (references)

Qualitative characteristic any engineering companies is its experience.

Experience of our company are tens successfully realized projects, each representing the individual decision accepted taking into account features of an building site and wishes of Customer.

Technological audit
  • Working out of standart for technological audit for Russian Technologies
  • Technical audit and proposals for development of MOTOVILIKHINSKIYE ZAVODY JSC
  • Technological audit for Ruspolymet JSC
  • Technological audit of existing manufacture and working out the basic lines of technical development of railway foundry, the Kursk Region
  • Technological audit and modernization programs of SMEs in Belgorod region: NPP "Alloys", PF "Livam", JSC "Machine engineer", LLC "Stankoremontny Plant", JSC "Belgorod Motor Plant", LLC "AgroPritsep"
  • Technological audit and modernization programs of industrial enterprises SMEs in Tomsk region LLC "Elcom +", NPO "Siberian Machine Builder", LLC "Resource Kit"
  • Technological audit and modernization programs of industrial SMEs of the Republic of Chuvashia LLC "Reon-Techno", LLC "Factory" Baby Dream", LLC "Eye Microsurgery" and "Contour", JSC "SKB SPA", LLC "Healthy Eating"
  • Study, assessment of the main functions, of the principle of operation and preparation of the bibliography required to assess the technical and technological characteristics of the equipment "rolling mill, cold continuous rolling"
  • Research of technological complex of two complete continuous cold rolling mills for production of reflectors for luminescent raster lamps
  • Technological audit of the metallurgical enterprise "Jose Marti" (Havana, Cuba) to develop recommendations for strategies to attract investment
  • Technical project appraisal of construction of metallurgical complexes, rolling complex "Tulachermet-Steel", LMZ, MERA-Steel, DES (in partnership with JSC "EUROEXPERT")
  • Industrial control systems for MMK (Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works) manufacturing
  • Working out concept of vibration montoring of steelmaking KonsOM JSC
  • Working out concept of vibration montoring of pipe`s production KSPSteel
Preproject engineering
  • The Feasibility Study of steel work for 50-200 thousand tons per year reinforced bars production, the Eastern Siberia
  • The Prefeasibility Study for construction of hot sheet mill, Urals Pipe Works JSC
  • Conceptualization of a foundry and metallurgical cluster, the Kirov Region
  • Conceptualization and working out technical assignment for construction of foundry and metallurgical complex in the Tver Region
  • The Feasibility Study design of special materials using special electrometallurgy for Ruspolymet JSC
  • The Feasibility study of organization of DRI production in volume of 1 million tons per year
  • Expertise of the Feasibility Study of steel work for 30 thousand tons per year (East Region)
  • Working out of technical assignment for supply of helical rolling mill
  • Working out of business plan "Modernization and expansion of production of water distillers in Belgorod"
  • Working out of business plan "Organization of production of steel poles osvescheniyav Belgorod region"
  • The Feasibility study on the reconstruction of metallurgical plant Jose Marti (Havana, Cuba)
  • Working out of project documentation for various industrial objects of MMK (Magnitogorsk, Chelyabinsk area)
  • Project of thickener for Russian Copper Company
  • Project of complex of cold-rolling mill for SAYANAL
New technologies
  • Technological study, working out technical assignment for designing of foundry in Tatarstan (cast iron) and Novokuznetsk (steel)
  • Working out technical assignment for production strip from stainless steel and alloys for AMET JSC
  • Examination of technology of making of cooler plates of the blast furnace NLMK (Lipetsk)
  • Working out of technological task for section of making nanostructure workpieces from multifunctional alloys with special properties in conditions of low-tonnage production, JSC "Motovilikhinskie zavody" (Motovilikha`s works)
  • Research and analysis of technical and technological properties of equipment of rolling mills of company "TOREX" and making rolling
  • Working out of operational documentation on technical devices of the "Liteynyi experimentalniy zavod" (Kursk region)
Project management
  • Development program of industry, housing and communal services and infrastructure of the Yakutia Republic
  • Project management concepts for minimills in the Far East, the Leningrad Region, the Irkutsk Region
  • Construction area choice for minimill 260 thousand tons for Irkutskenergo JSC, the Irkutsk Region
  • Organizational support for the construction project of the Service Workshop Danieli Ural
  • Comparative analysis of project management schemes by reconstruction of metallurgical works Jose Marti (Havana, Cuba)
  • Technical services of metallurgical works Jose Marti (Havana, Cuba)
Research and Development
  • Working out the program for Research and Development for VSMPO-AVISMA JSC
  • Properties research of nanostructured reinforced bars for MSTU named after G.I. Nosov (Magnitogorsk)
  • Working out technology of production of hot-rolled etched strips with valuation roughness surface for MMK
  • Analysis of properties of hot-rolled production from alloyage steels at rolling on SHSGP 2000 MMK JSC
  • Services of complex research of physics and mechanical properties of hot-rolled metal-roll from niobium steels for MSTU named after G.I. Nosov (Magnitogorsk)
  • Services of research of technological process of therm deformation treatment of niobium steels for MSTU named after G.I. Nosov (Magnitogorsk)
  • Services of carry out of complex researches of influence of temperature and velocity conditions of roughing rolling of niobium steels of strength class K48-K60 to for shaping of structure and properties of metal-roll for ball-rolling hot-rolling mill 2000 for MSTU named after G.I. Nosov (Magnitogorsk)
  • Working out of technology and adaptation of production of rolled section from steels 54SiCr6, 60С2HА (analog 54SiCr6) with heightened requirements of quality of surface, depth of decarbonization layer for production of car`s springs suspension with guaranteed stamina for MMK
Personnel training
  • Development of a detailed program of seminars and consultations on the basis of "VNIIMETMASH"
  • Organization of study and retraining for metallurgical works Jose Marti (Havana, Cuba)

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