Construction and revamping of foundry

The company METALLURGMASH Engineering LLC provides a full range of works on modernization, reconstruction and construction of foundries "turnkey".

We offer:

  • modernization foundries (using equipment installed)
  • reconstruction foundries
  • construction of new foundries ("greenfield", writing into existing site)

Objective foundry - manufacture molded parts for various engineering industries.

Produced assortment

Iron castings
Steel castings


Consumers foundry products

  • railway machine building
  • equipment for mining and construction
  • pipeline accessories
  • military-industrial complex
  • metallurgical equipment
  • automobile production
  • power engineering
  • pump manufacturers
Installing the drying and heating scrap   Smelting equipment: arc (ДСП, ДСППТ), vacuum induction furnace and furnace   Mixers   Furnace processing (ICCO), including vacuum and vacuum-oxygen   Forming equipment: forming CBC, forming HBC, vacuum-membrane forming, core machines, special methods of casting (ЭШЛ, ЦЛ)
Main technological equipment and infrastructure
Flue gas cleaning   Equipment for heat treatment   Equipment for machining   Laboratory equipment and control instruments   Automation systems, MES, accounting of energy and material flows

Additional decisions for foundry

  • technological audit and consulting
  • physico-chemical models of real time control for smelting processes
  • optimization of the cupola
  • use a ladle slide gate
  • production models by rapid prototyping
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