Special metallurgy

Special steels are iron-base alloys, different from usual steels in their special characteristics: either chemical composition, or special production method, or processing method.

Precision alloy materials are alloys based on iron, nickel, cobalt, copper and others with the set physical-mechanical properties.

Fields of application

Aircraft, space-rocket, electronic, power industries; communication, radio engineering, the microwave instrument making, mechanical engineering, motor industry, shipbuilding, atomic power engineering, accelerator technology, laser technology, metal optics, the cryogenic technology, metrology, geodesy, medical technology, oil and gas industry, metallurgy.

METALLURGMASH Engineering LLC carries out following kinds of works connecting with making special steels and precision alloys:

1. Performance research and development. Working out new alloys, new processing methods and other works as agreed.

2. Working out preproject and project documentation for building new and reconstruction of operating plants (shops, sections) to manufacture of special steel grades and precision alloys.

3. Working out technology of smelting, casting, rolling, heat processing and machining the following special steel grades and precision alloys:

  • steels for mechanical engineering (for cementation and the nitriding such steels as, maraging, bearing, spring, high-strength, wear-resistant, cold-resistant, rail, etc.)
  • corrosion-resistant steels and alloys
  • heat-resistant steels and alloys
  • soft magnetic and hard-magnetic alloys
  • alloys with specified linear expansion coefficient
  • alloys with high ohmic resistance
  • thermal bimetals
  • others

4. Equipment matching and delivery:

  • arc furnaces of alternating and direct currents
  • open induction furnaces of various frequency
  • vacuum induction furnaces (including with cold crucible)
  • vacuum-arc-refining furnaces
  • plasma arc furnaces
  • electroslag remelting and electroslag casting
  • electron beam furnaces
  • continuous and semicontinous casting plants (radial, vertical and horizontal types)
  • press-forging equipment
  • rolling mills of different types
  • heat treatment furnaces, including vacuum and with controlled atmosphere
  • research and control equipment (sample preparation, durometers, microscopes and digital systems, analyzers of chemical and structural composition, test equipment, researches in nano-range)

5. Manufacturing and technology automation

6. Organization of quality management system

7. Personnel training

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