Preproject engineering

By providing the engineering services we mark out the next areas:

  • engineering and consulting services to prepare and ensure the production process, preproject execution; design control and supervision of design study of engineering and technology objects at the stage of innovation adaptation; post-project services by commissioning and start up, withdrawal facilities at full capacity and elimination of technical problems;
  • providing scientific and technical consulting services, implementation of research and development, estimated and analytical works, working out the Feasibility studies of projects, business plans, technical assignment and the Prefeasibility study, making recommendations regarding the organization of production and management, sales of products;
  • complex maintenance of projects;
  • planning and choice of technologies and the equipment;
  • comparative technical and economic assessment of the equipment and technologies, the organization of tenders;
  • consulting support at the stages of design, construction and startup;
  • optimization of industrial and management process.

Specification of available engineering services

1. Expert study of existing technologies, equipment, organization of a steelmaking and rolling mill production:

  • The independent estimation and analysis of the existing technologies, the equipment, the manufacturing organization on conformity with long-term plans of company expansion.
  • The objective estimation of cost reduction possibility at the expense of the existing technologies updating and/or the adoption of new technologies, modernizations of the available equipment, updating of the manufacturing organization.
  • Study of possibility of acquisition of extra income from production volume expansion, production quality improvement and cost saving.

2. Working out modernization plan of a steelmaking and rolling mill production for a perspective development of a company:

  • working out technical assignment for the industry modernization;
  • coordination of planned targets of manufacture modernization with plans of perspective development of the company;
  • design the working plan of manufacture modernization measures.

3. Technology working out, selection of the necessary equipment and stores:

  • updating of the existing and/or introduction of the new technologies to obtain the results according to plans of perspective development of the company;
  • working out technical assignment for acquisition of the equipment and stores according to technologies;
  • working out expert and personnel training programs.

4. Fulfilment of the working plan of technologies adoption and/or manufacture modernization:

  • writing or updating of the technological and organizational-administrative documentation of manufacture;
  • the theoretical, practical and special training of the personnel without discontinuing work or by the coordinated program.

5. Confirmation of the results received in process of adoption of technology and/or manufacture modernization:

  • Operation of guarantee tests.

6. Measures execution for guaranteed results preservation of adoption of new and innovation technologies:

  • working out effective system of planning and control of technical and commercial measures of manufacture;
  • achievement of a proficiency level of the personnel;
  • control of technological support after execution of works.
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