Outsourcing of roll pass design bureau of section mill

METALLURGMASH Engineering LLC is ready to take over the functions of the Gauge bureau outsourcing.

The role of the Gauge bureau in section rolling production is difficult to overestimate, as calibration of rolls is the main part of the production technology of long products, and accordingly determines the technical and economic performance of the process. Calibration rolls directly affects the productivity of the mill, the quality of hire and the cost of production.

President of the Association of European calibrators Hugo Suppo in his article "Occupation calibrator and its future" [U.Suppo. "Der Kalibreur" Hett 48/1988] calibrators divided into two categories: calibrator-scientist и calibrator-practitioner. At the same time, he noted that over time the role of the calibrator scientist will increasingly also increasing. This statement is becoming increasingly important in today's search technology reserves and optimal solutions in section rolling production. This contributes to the introduction of modern quality management systems aimed at controlling not only products, but also the process. Therefore, subjective approach to the development of calibration and setup rolls of the rolling mill is in the past.

The first decade of the 21st century has shown that the number of calibrators practitioners, professionals, solving the problem of calibration and gauge bureau variety of shops has steadily decrease. This occurs both for age reasons, and because of the exclusive nature of the preparation of calibrators and insufficient replenishment rate. To foster professional calibrator need many years of practical work in the calibration bureau near experienced craftsmen. However, the model transfer of experience, work well in the USSR, in modern conditions virtually disappeared, because of increased turnover and loss of communication between the generations.

In addition, the company is not always economical to maintain at its own highly professional group (2-3 experts) for solving periodic calibration.

At some metallurgical plants has been the practice of using the calibration rolls developed engineering companies engaged in the supply of equipment. However, this is not limited range of questions that are designed to address the calibrator.

Gauge bureau functions

  • Work out of calibration of rolls and rolls straightening machines
  • Designing roll guides
  • Work out of process maps
  • Assessment of the technical possibilities of new products
  • Improvement of existing calibrations and to increase productivity, improve quality, and reduce the consumption of metal rollers to reduce the cost of hire
  • Calculation of cutting blanks to minimize output unmeasured rental
  • Calculation of fuel and fleet rolls
  • Participate in the development of new products
  • Acceptance and periodic monitoring templates and counter-templates
  • Acceptance and periodic monitoring of boring rolls
  • Technical Manual ROLL department in the making rolls and rolls right machines for the production of new profiles
  • Monitoring compliance with regulated rolling`s technology and modes of breakdown rolling mills
  • Work out, storage, updating drawings and technological maps
  • Participation in work out of the application rates and stock performance and roll mills
  • Study of newly introduced GOST and TU. Participation in the development and implementation of new state standards, specifications and service station on rolled products
  • Participation in the development of technological instructions and company standards
  • Work out and participation in the implementation of measures to improve the quality of rolling and improve the durability of rolls
  • Analysis of technical and economic indices of production
  • Participation in the development and implementation of the reconstruction of advanced technology and new equipment
  • Participation in scientific research to improve the technology and implementation of research results in the production
  • Participation in the Commissions of Inquiry emergency incidents in rolling mills
  • Consideration of rationalization proposals and issue opinions on them
  • Solution of various technological problems

The main functions of these are development (improvement) technology and control over its observance. Of particular importance is the control (requiring special skills) for the manufacture, storage and maintenance of the rolls and the templates by which the rolling mills with a wide product mix profile up to several thousand.

It should be noted that many factories abroad came to the practice of outsourcing involves the transfer of most of the functions of the Gauge bureau external specialized engineering companies with a staff of highly calibrators with considerable practical experience and using modern expensive software systems and computer-aided design calibrations. A similar trend is observed in the Russian metallurgical plants.

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