Project management

Management of projects is the modern form of realization of various type of projects, including investment, meanwhile under the project is understood a wide grade of the problems realized with a definite purpose and with time restriction, to material and other resources with possibility of identification of project results. As a rule, in the project are notable precontract stage, the financing decision and contract stage. There are accepted appropriate documents for each of these stages in a business intercourse (see engineering).

For the project are worked out the budget (we divide precontract stage and project management), the realization schedule, is formed a group led by the project manager, is selected indicators of project realization degree (type of schedule compliance of the added value or a share of the executed expenses to the planned budget and others).

Project management means the risk-management revealing and minimizing of a various kind of risks at all phases of the project. In our Company we attach paramount importance to work with risks at stages of discussion Technical and Commercial offer and workings out contracts, and we believe that investment of resources at earlier stages minimizes risks and eventual losses at the later stages.

Projects are realized in the market environment so all contractors should tender at all stages including a qualifying stage, but selection criterion and the process of tender are a part of project management.

Generally the customer (the investor, the developer, the general contractor) can either realize the project without outside help, or hand over (give) project management to the specialized company by the contractor`s agreement or actions in behalf of the third parties, or in a different way. Project management is intended for a marginal efficiency of investment, a project quality and, finally, the top satisfaction of the customer. Project management is a pay service, and, as a rule, is estimated in % from budget cost of the project, including in it.

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