Revamping of reheating and thermal furnaces

Park thermal and reheating furnaces installed on most Russian factories, represented mainly the old equipment, which, because of its moral and physical deterioration, do not provide the required technological precision, does not meet modern safety requirements, not allows heat treatment at a qualitatively new level with minimal energy expenditure.

One of the options to replace furnace equipment is its comprehensive reconstruction, including the replacement of the liner, burner and furnace automation.

The purpose of such a reconstruction - the maximum approximation characteristics of existing furnaces to the characteristics of the new generation of furnaces. Reconstruction includes:

  • Replacement lining the side walls and roof of the furnace to modern insulation systems with fibrous refractory. Thus, the weight of the liner will be reduced tenfold, significantly reduced gas consumption. Lifecycle fiber insulation will be 8-15 years, which is 3-5 times longer lifetime of brickwork.
  • Replacing gas-burning furnace system. Modern systems have the following characteristics: Pulse control power (or speed burners), guarantee the absence of flame impingement and heated products, the availability of automatic ignition and flame control. Similar burner system can significantly reduce the gas flow and the value of scaling, you can create a uniform thermal field in the furnace to perform the most complex graphics heat treatment that dramatically improves the quality of the processed products. Another important fact is the sharp reduction in nitrogen oxide emissions.
  • Supply or upgrade of the existing heat recovery system. Discount heating system combustion air: installation of modern heat recovery, installation of regenerative burners. If we compare the various heating systems combustion air then we can say that the external recovery save up to 25% fuel, regenerative burners retain up to 60% fuel. Must take into account these different cost recovery methods.
  • Supply management system of furnace. Management systems provide automatic ignition burners and control over their work, auto maintenance temperature schedule in all areas of the furnace, automatic maintenance of vacuum / pressure furnaces, automatic maintenance of the temperature of the combustion products before leaving recuperator or exhauster. Modern control systems often use a mathematical model of a real time for optimize the heating mode.
  • Other works: work to restore frames and hearth furnace hearth lining replacement, various mechanisms (lift doors, roll-out of the hearth, pushers, etc.).

The activities listed on the comprehensive reconstruction of reheating and thermal furnaces allow to achieve the following results:

  • gas savings - more than 2 times;
  • energy savings - 15 - 30%, due to the installation of frequency converters on fans and exhaust fans;
  • improving the quality of heat treatment is direct consequence of improving the thermal field furnace;
  • increase productivity of the furnace - the heat cycle reduction is achieved, and the use of pulse control system allows you to have increased power;
  • reduction of scaling - a direct consequence of precise control of the air-gas ratio and maintain a minimum excess air;
  • decline of marriage because of the "human factor" due process automation;
  • increase intervals of the furnace, reducing the cost of repairs;
  • process safety, reducing the risk of accidents, and therefore their effects, downtime associated with emergencies;
  • bringing equipment to the requirements of environmental standards, norms of energy saving, safety standards.

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