Automation system of rolls


Availability section rolling production requires significant operational fleet rolls and warehouse space that is costly. At the same time fuel rolls a significant share in the cost of rolled products. Condition and roll resistance affects the quality and productivity of rolling. Obviously, the improved operation of the rolls in the rolling mill and the rational organization of the economy will provide a roll increase productivity, improve quality and reduce production costs of section rolling mill.

Existing methods of work organization and manual accounting system of rolls does not allow to achieve the desired results. Moreover, such methods of work obsolete and have a very low efficiency.

Therefore, actual development and implementation of a modern automation accounting system rolls.

Objectives and expected results

As a result, the development and implementation of a new automation system of rolls can be reduced park of rolls by at least 10%. This is possible due to the more accurate determination of the resistance gauge and flow rollers, and hence the lower the risk of shortages revaluation rolls, reducing the number of errors and a better combination of gauges.

Characteristics of the problems caused by the irrational view of rolls

Fuel rolls a significant share in the cost of rolled products. Condition and roll resistance affects the quality and productivity of the rolling mill. Obviously, improving the quality of the rolls, improving their operation in the mill and the rational organization of the rolls provide an increase productivity, improve quality and reduce production costs of long workshop.

The basis of the rational organization of rolling economy is account of rolls. Rolls economy requires an accurate account for calculating park rolls statistical definition of flow rolls, right cancellation rate of rolls to the cost of the rolled products, analyze breakdowns rolls, etc.

Questions the rational exploitation of rolls can be practiced regardless of the upcoming plans for modernization and reconstruction of the rolling mill, as effect of the new automation system of rolls can equally be shown as in the present situation, and the new process equipment.

Flow Range rolls per ton of rolled products may differ substantially depending on the rolled profile. On the experience of other complexes section rolling average cost of rolls are about 15% of total expenditure in redistribution.

Fuel rolls by rolling different profiles may differ tenfold. However, the calculation is performed only average cost, despite the fact that different profiles can bring different profits, and possibly certain types of products are unprofitable. Calculate the cost of the allocation of costs to the rolls can be performed much more accurately. At least, to distribute these costs by groups of profiles is possible because costs rolls are inherently straight and variables. To solve this problem it is necessary to have accurate information about how many rolls and what types of products consumed. Knowledge flow rolls is also necessary for the development of rational roll`s budget for the next year work of rolling mill.

Lack of information makes it impossible to solve other pressing problems. In particular, it is impossible to analyze the causes of damage rolls, and, consequently, the development of sound measures to reduce them. Extremely difficult to conduct experimental work to change the calibration and material of rolls, as such experiments can last for many months, so the results can only be obtained in the form of statistics. The lack of such information causes build conclusions based on indirect and subjective sources.

An important task is to effectively combine of gauge of rolls. A substantial part of the rolls are cut different gauges. If you don`t it, then to cut costs of rolls, but several times to increase their total number in service.

The great complexity of roll economy of the rolling mill makes it difficult to control and causes errors when working with it, which lead to a decrease in production and quality of rolling.

Management reserves of roll economy by informatization of roll`s accounting

Basis for solving these problems can be automated information system management and roll`s accounting of rolling.

Based on a review of the automation system (AS) standard classification, it was concluded that the AS on the one hand should be automated control system, and on the other - the automated informational system. Automated control system is an automated system designed to automate all or most management tasks, and automated information system - is AS designed for the collection, storage, retrieval and distribution in the form of required background information to consumers.

Such AS created using database technology is well developed and widely disseminated. To create such systems do not require high-performance computing. AS roll`s accounting and control of rolling opens up new possibilities for ways to reduce production costs.

One way of reducing the cost of rolls is to increase of using factor. Rolls never develop their resource by 100%. This is caused by the following:

  • damage rolls;
  • errors when splitting gauges;
  • combining of gauges on the roll;
  • roll sent to reveiw with unused gauges.

Eliminate these causes is impossible, but to reduce their impact by a more accurate accounting system appropriate.

Use effective methods of inventory management rolls reveals hidden internal company resources, which represents a serious reserve for increasing profitability of business enterprises.

The greatest effect can be expected from the reduction is safety stock of rolls. Of particular interest is a non-liquid stock of rolls - it rolls on which the gauges are cut, but they are not used.

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