METALLURGMASH Engineering supplies in-line equipment and extras, spares and materials for all manufacturing operations of metallurgy and machine building.

Also our company offers:

  • non-standard equipment, design documentation by the initial data of the customer;
  • organization of financial support (credits and other forms);
  • choice of the optimal equipment producers.

We offer:

Furnace equipment
  • Electric arc furnace (EAF)
  • Direct-current arc furnace
  • Integrated steel processing aggregates
  • Vacuum degassing equipment
  • Induction furnaces
  • Ore thermal furnaces
  • Furnaces for special metallurgy
  • Gas furnaces and electric furnaces for nonferrous metallurgy
  • Heat-treatment furnaces (gas and electric)
Сasting machines
  • Continuous-casting machines
  • Casting ladles
Forging equipment
  • mechanical and hydraulic presses
  • steam-driven, hydraulic and rapid hammers
  • rotating machines
Rolling-mill machinery
  • Blooming mills (slabbing or blooming)
  • Hot-rolling mills
  • Section mills
  • Cold rolling mills
  • Benches and sizing mills
  • Special purpose camps, including laboratory
Auxiliary metallurgical equipment
  • Drying equipment and heating of scrap
  • Stends of drying and heating of ladles
  • Complexes of firing of limestone
  • Gas cleaning systems
  • Transport equipment for metallurgy and machine-building/li>
  • Equipment for chemical, mechanical and metallographic laboratories
  • Reclaiming and water conditioning systems
  • Heating systems of shops and industrial rooms
Nonstandard equipment
  • manufacturing equipment for the design documentation of the customer or sketches
  • working out of design documentation to nonstandard equipment include supervision on manufacturing
  • adaptation of design documentation to Russian standarts
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