Personnel training

Integral part of any engineering activity is personnel training. The level of preparedness experts of the enterprise depends largely on the length of life of the equipment, as well as its performance.

Modern domestic and foreign design allow you to create and introduce new high-tech production equipment capable of almost completely automate workflow. Man in this case must only monitor the performance units.

Like everything else, for the convenience of paying. In this case, the board is to raise the level of preparedness of its own staff. Otherwise, the company runs the risk of premature equipment failure, which would entail constant financial losses.

METALLURGMASH Engineering LLC for many years successfully implementing and conducting various training programs, many of which are specialized, composed by each enterprise and specific problem. The main advantage of our training programs is their flexibility and adaptability required parameters of knowledge.

We conduct training in four main areas:

  • Adaptive programs for experts of mining and metallurgical industries
  • Adaptive retraining programs for new and upgraded technological facilities
  • Master classes on project management, strategic marketing, business negotiations and commercialization of scientific and technical products
  • Internship programs at the advanced facilities-analogues (together with foreign and domestic equipment manufacturers)
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